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 20 years of experience at the interface between business, operations and IT
Specialized in Insurance & Banking, Change Management, Reporting, Data Management, PMI and Structured Communication
We help you to achieve results

Frank Georgi

Frank Georgi works for 25 years successfully at the interface of business, operations and IT. He has 11 years of management consulting experience at a globally leading consultancy and 9 years in leadership roles at 2 major multinational swiss insurance companies. During his roles he gained deep expertise in information management and reporting, digital BFS, change management, large transformational programs and IT delivery. In addition he is an expert in complex problem solving, pyramidal thinking and structured communication.

Professional Background

+ Partner Switzerland for complex problem solving & structured communication, steercom GmbH (Zürich)

+ Global Head Management Reporting, Information & Data Management, SwissRe CorSo (Zürich)

+ Head of Operations, Zurich Insurance, Global Specialties (Zürich)

+ Member of executive staff, Zurich Insurance, Inhouse Consulting (Zürich)

+ Senior Manager, Management Consulting Accenture (Munich)

How we can help


Pyramidal thinking and communication

We are specialized in training and coaching how to communicate in a more convincing and successful manner. It's about approaching complex problems, defining to-the-point messages and logical storylines, creating structured business presentations and communicate accordingly. Our approach is based on the pyramid principle first invented in the 60th by Barbara Minto. Our workshops do enable participants to better structure and explain complex topics and to develop compelling slide decks or e-mails with higher success rates. We are a partner of steercom, a leading company in this space. Together with steercom we deliver respective workshops in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. 


Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots is key in a complex world. We can help you connect Business, Operations and IT. Business goals, processes and IT systems should not be looked at in isolation.

In particular we can support you in the following fields:
+ Change Management
+ Large transformational program management
+ Management Reporting
+ Information & Data Management
+ PMI - Post Merger Integration
+ Digital Banking & Insurance
+ Banking & Insurance strategic topics


Increase your chance of success

Do you have a deal, pitch or important presentation to prepare? Do you want to improve your chance of success? We help you to structure and develop your case along the pyramid principle. A well structured „storyline“, addressee specific compelling messages and well designed slides is key for success.
We partner with steercom for this coaching approach.

Or do you plan your next career step and you do not want to leave it to the coincidence? Our long-standing experience in management roles combined with structured thinking & communication skills enable us to help you prepare yourself.